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Emergency Dental Care

We combine the latest in dental technology with years of experience to give you world class affordable care.

Looking for Same Day Emergency Dentistry
in Los Angeles

Our Dentist are ready and willing to provide you same day emergency dental treatment at a moment’s notice!

Dental Emergency in Los Angeles? Ghotanian Dental Can Help You Now!

If you're experiencing sudden dental pain, you're not alone. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and it's important to know what qualifies as an emergency and what doesn't. In Los Angeles, Ghotanian Dental is the dependable emergency dental provider you can trust.

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

It can be tricky to determine whether your dental issue requires immediate attention or can wait until your next scheduled appointment. Here are some guidelines to help you identify a dental emergency:

  1. Broken or knocked-out teeth

  2. Severe toothache or jaw pain

  3. Bleeding or painful gums

  4. Swollen face or jaw

  5. Lost or broken dental fillings, crowns or bridges

  6. Cracked or fractured teeth

  7. Pain or discomfort while eating or biting down

  8. Objects stuck between teeth

  9. Soft tissue injuries

  10. Infections or abscesses


If you're experiencing any of these issues, it's time to seek professional help from an emergency dentist in Los Angeles.

Why Choose Ghotanian Dental for Your Dental Emergency?

When it comes to dental emergencies, time is of the essence. You need a dependable and highly qualified emergency dental provider who can address your concerns promptly and effectively. At Ghotanian Dental, we understand the urgency of your situation and prioritize same-day emergency appointments.

Our team of experienced dentists and dental assistants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the highest quality care. We also offer a range of sedation options to help ease any anxiety or discomfort you may feel during your visit.


Don't wait until it's too late! If you're experiencing a dental emergency in Los Angeles, call Ghotanian Dental today and let us take care of you.

10 situations that qualify as dental emergencies

When it comes to dental problems, some can wait until your regular dentist appointment, while others require immediate attention. If you're experiencing a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or severe pain, it's important to know when to call a same day emergency dentist like Ghotanian Dental in Los Angeles.


Here are some situations where you should seek immediate dental attention:

Broken or Cracked Tooth: If you've broken or cracked a tooth, you should contact an emergency dentist right away. Time is of the essence when it comes to saving a tooth, so don't delay seeking treatment. Dr. Ghotanian is an experienced emergency dentist who can help save your tooth and ease your pain.

Heavily Bleeding Tongue or Lip: If you've bitten your tongue or lip and the bleeding won't stop, it's important to seek medical attention. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and apply ice to reduce swelling. If the bleeding is severe or won't stop, call your doctor or visit the emergency room.

Loose Tooth: If your tooth has become loose for any reason, contact your dentist immediately. Dr. Ghotanian can help save your tooth or teeth and alleviate your pain.

Lost Tooth: If you've lost a tooth, hold the tooth by the crown and rinse the root clean with water. Don't remove attached tissue or scrub the tooth. Simply clean off any debris that may have gotten on the root. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket. If you can't, see a same day emergency dentist like Dr. Ghotanian as soon as possible.

Broken Jaw: If you think you've broken your jaw, apply ice and seek medical attention immediately.

Object Stuck in Your Teeth If something is stuck in your teeth, try using dental floss to dislodge it. If that doesn't work, contact your dentist to determine the best course of action.

Broken Crown or Filling: If you've lost a crown or filling, save it and contact your dentist right away. Your dentist can help determine the best course of action.

Pericoronitis: Pericoronitis is an infection that occurs when wisdom teeth don't come in properly. If you're experiencing symptoms such as swollen or irritated gums, bad breath, or difficulty opening your mouth, contact your dentist immediately.

Sudden or Severe Tooth Pain: If you're experiencing sudden or severe tooth pain, contact your dentist for guidance on how to reduce the pain and determine the best course of treatment.

Swelling Accompanied by Pain: If you're experiencing pain and swelling, it could be a sign of infection or an abscess. Contact your dentist immediately to prevent the situation from getting worse.


It's important to know when to seek immediate dental attention. If you're experiencing any of the above dental emergencies, don't hesitate to contact a same day emergency dentist like Ghotanian Dental in Los Angeles. Our team are highly qualified and dependable emergency dental providers who can help alleviate your pain and save your teeth.

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