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We combine the latest in dental technology with years of experience to give you world class affordable care.

Oral Surgeon Los Angeles


Dr. Rene Ghotanian is a Board Certified oral surgeon with years of experience in all areas of oral surgery. At Ghotanian Dental, he offers the following in-office procedures:

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We understand that dental care and oral surgery can be stressful for most patients. Dr. Ghotanian and his anesthesia assistant have years of experience in delivering safe, comfortable care. We are able to offer a range of sedation options that will be tailored to your specific needs to make your experience as easy as possible. 

Oral surgery includes a number of surgical dental treatments. The goal of oral surgery is to improve the function, health and appearance of your smile and the surrounding structures, such as your jaw. In many cases, we strive to provide the most conservative treatment possible. However, oral surgery may be necessary to correct certain conditions and improve your oral and overall health. Oral surgery may include:

  • Tooth extraction (for teeth that are decayed, damaged or infected to the point that an effective restoration is impossible)

  • Wisdom teeth removal (for wisdom teeth that are impacted or have grown in at an incorrect angle)

  • Jaw surgery (to treat a TMJ disorder, correct uneven jaw growth or improve the fit of dentures)

  • Bone grafts (to increase bone density or improve the chances for a successful dental implant)

While we provide many oral surgery treatments at our office, we also work closely with other dental professionals and hospitals to ensure that you receive the high-quality results you deserve. Our dentists will carefully evaluate your smile and your needs to determine whether oral surgery is the best available treatment choice for you.

Our team is committed to ensuring that your oral surgery is as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to contact us today to learn more about oral surgery and schedule your individual consultation!

Premier Oral Surgeon in Los Angeles

When you hear the word "Surgery", what comes to mind? Maybe it's a hospital stay, general anesthesia, or an uncomfortable and drawn-out recovery period. The fact is most common oral surgery procedures are done in a dental office. They usually require only local anesthesia and they won't interfere with normal activities for more than a day or two. Let's take a look at how oral surgery can help restore your smile and your health.


Sometimes Oral Surgery is needed to remove teeth that are deeply decayed, fractured or damaged beyond repair. This is a more gentle procedure than you may be imagining. That's because your teeth are not rigidly fixed in the bone of your jaw. They're suspended in a network of fibers called the Periodontal Ligament. A skilled dental professional can gently free the tooth from these fibers with the utmost care.


There are a couple of situations where a healthy tooth might also need to be removed. For example, your wisdom teeth may not be diseased or damaged, yet they can harm other teeth by remaining in the jaw, if there's not enough room for them to grow in properly. A wisdom tooth that is blocked from coming in correctly by a neighboring tooth, for example, is said to be impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are frequently removed. Tooth extractions might also occur during orthodontic treatment, if the teeth are severely crowded. Sometimes you need Oral Surgery for the opposite reason to get a new tooth.


Today's Dental Implant technology mimics the form and function of a natural tooth, so that your replacement tooth will feel as great as it looks. Other types of Oral Surgery focus on the structures that surround the teeth, rather than the teeth themselves. For example, if you have gum recession, Periodontal Plastic Surgery may be recommended to protect tooth roots that have become exposed and are in danger of decay. If bone loss is an issue, tooth supporting bone can be rebuilt with routine grafting techniques.


In dental bone grafting, laboratory processed materials are generally used rather than bone from your own body. This procedure has allowed many people to get Dental Implants when they wouldn't have otherwise been good candidates for this life changing tooth replacement technology. So, as you can see, there are many ways that Oral Surgery can give you back your smile or even improve it.

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While we specialize in providing dentures, dental implants and oral surgery, we also provide other dental services in our area. From cleanings and exams to oral health screenings, you can count on our team to meet your oral health needs.



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