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How Can You Benefit From Same-Day Dentistry?

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Visiting the dentist may put some individuals in a state of worry. There could be a misconception that all dental procedures are painful and involve spending long durations in the dentist’s office. However, rest assured, at our dental practice, we take every necessary measure to ensure our patients feel absolutely comfortable during the procedure. What’s more impressive is that we offer same-day dentistry, a revolutionary approach that significantly reduces chair time.

Understanding Same-Day Dentistry In the past, traditional methods of fabricating oral restorations involved taking a precise mold of the teeth by having the patient bite into a putty-like substance. This physical impression of the tooth served as a reference for crafting the restorations. In addition to this, x-rays, scans of the mouth, and photographs of the teeth were taken to replicate their color and determine proper placement. This process could often be seen as quite a hassle, doesn't it?

As a refreshing alternative, we proudly offer same-day dentistry at our dental practice. Here's how it works: Our experienced dentist employs a hand-held digital scanning tool to capture detailed images of your teeth. These images are then projected onto a computer screen, allowing both you and the dentist to comprehensively analyze and discuss the tailored treatment plan. The data from these scans are then transmitted to a chairside CAD/CAM machine, which utilizes cutting-edge technology to carve out the restoration with unparalleled precision. Following minor adjustments by the dentist, the restoration is securely bonded to your teeth using advanced dental adhesives. The best part? You can walk into our dental practice in the morning, have the restoration completed, and leave with a radiant smile by evening.

The Marvels of Advanced Technology The technology underpinning same-day restorations is truly remarkable. The scanning tool, designed with patient comfort in mind, captures high-resolution images that vividly represent the color, contour, and size of your teeth. This intricate data allows for the creation of an exceptionally accurate digital impression. Employing Computer-Aided Drawing/Machining (CAD/CAM), the restoration is meticulously carved from a ceramic block within a matter of minutes. The entire process takes place right here in our dental practice, ensuring unparalleled convenience for our valued patients.

Streamlined Restorations: Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges Traditionally, obtaining dental crowns, veneers, or bridges necessitated multiple visits to the dentist. This approach is now a thing of the past with same-day dentistry. We're proud to offer a solution that enables these restorations to be expertly crafted and completed in just a single visit to our practice. The results are astonishingly lifelike, making it nearly impossible for anyone, even you, to distinguish between your natural teeth and the newly placed ceramic restorations.

Rediscover Your Smile: Dental Implants A missing tooth can undermine both your oral functionality and your confidence in your smile. Those with missing teeth often feel self-conscious about talking, laughing, or smiling, fearing that the gap will be noticeable. Enter dental implants, a superior solution endorsed by dentists worldwide. Comprising a metal implant stud and a visible ceramic crown, dental implants mimic both the tooth root and crown, delivering unrivaled stability, durability, and a remarkably authentic appearance. The flexibility for customization ensures that your dental implant seamlessly integrates with your natural teeth.

Crafting Your Personalized Smile Have you ever longed for a truly captivating smile that garners compliments and radiates confidence? Your dream smile can be a reality, thanks to the wonders of cosmetic dentistry. At our dental practice, we wholeheartedly embrace a patient-centric approach, tailoring each treatment to address individual needs. Our commitment extends to fabricating oral restorations that match the color, texture, contour, and size of your natural teeth, ensuring an undetectable blend. With a focus on personalized care, our dental practice proudly stands out as one of the most sought-after establishments in Encino, CA.

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