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Los Angeles Oral Surgeon Services: Sedation Dentistry

Updated: May 19, 2023

Many people experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist. This can be a serious problem as it can prevent individuals from receiving necessary dental care. Sedation dentistry is a solution to this problem, providing various methods to help patients relax and feel comfortable during their dental appointments.

One common method is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This gas is inhaled through a mask and creates feelings of relaxation and well-being. It is a safe and effective solution that has been used by dentists for over 100 years. Nitrous oxide is suitable for both children and adults and has no after-effects.

Oral sedation is another popular method. Patients take a pill before their procedure that induces a feeling of tranquility. This method is effective for longer and more complex procedures and can be helpful for patients who have a fear of needles. Oral sedation can cause hazy memories of the procedure.

Intravenous conscious sedation is used for more complex procedures or for patients who require a deeper level of relaxation. Medication is delivered directly into the bloodstream, but patients can still breathe normally and respond to verbal commands. With this method, patients typically have no memory of the procedure. Only health professionals with special training can use this type of sedation.

Before any sedation method is used, dentists will evaluate a patient's medical history and overall health to ensure their safety. After the procedure, patients may need a ride home and will need to take the rest of the day off from work.

With the help of sedation dentistry, individuals can overcome their fear of the dentist and receive the dental care they need for optimal oral health.

If you're someone who experiences dental anxiety or fear, don't hesitate to talk to your dentist or dental hygienist about your concerns. They're there to help you feel as comfortable as possible during your appointment. By discussing your anxiety with them, they can work with you to find the best approach to managing your fears.

In addition to sedation dentistry, there are other techniques and methods that can help reduce anxiety and fear. Distraction techniques such as listening to music, watching a movie or television show, or simply focusing on deep breathing can help take your mind off the procedure. Some dental offices also offer amenities such as massage chairs or virtual reality headsets to help you relax.

Another approach is to work with a therapist or counselor who specializes in treating dental anxiety. They can help you understand and manage your fears, and develop coping strategies to use during your dental appointments. This can be especially helpful if your fear of the dentist is linked to a past traumatic experience or other underlying psychological factors.

Whatever approach you choose, remember that regular dental checkups and cleanings are an important part of maintaining good oral health. By working with your dental team at Ghotanian Dental to manage your anxiety and fear, you can ensure that you're getting the care you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy for years to come.

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